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DUI Defense


A conviction for a DUI in California is a very serious matter. Often, those who have been charged with this crime have never faced a criminal charge of any kind. For this reason, the time following such an accusation can leave you feeling frightened, isolated and overwhelmed. It can feel as if you have nowhere to turn and no one there to help you. It is important, however, to remember that you are not without help. By working with a skilled criminal defense attorney, you can take the necessary steps towards protecting your rights.

California has very severe penalties in DUI cases. Many individuals do not realize that pleading guilty is not the only option – you can be proactive and fight the charge with a skilled attorney in court. A skilled criminal defense attorney may find errors in the case against you, including violations of your rights, and fight to reduce the damage to your life and right to drive. Those who have been convicted for a DUI will be dealing with a driver’s license suspension, jail time and steep fines, and it can be an extremely difficult situation if you don’t take action and enlist an attorney at once. The Law Office of Scott Levy provides high quality, aggressive and personal legal representation to clients facing any type of traffic offenses and DUI charges.

The best possible outcome you can expect from a DUI charge will come from having a qualified DUI attorney. From alternative sentences to sentence reductions, the uncovering of the weaknesses in your case, and various strategies geared toward challenging the prosecution, the odds of a favorable outcome are vastly increased when experienced and aggressive California criminal defense lawyer is fighting your battles. Some ways of battling these charges are:

Technicality challenge:

Technical challenges to the DUI charge have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you were under the influence when you were driving. Instead, these challenges focus on whether or not law enforcement followed the proper procedure when handling your DUI charge.

A typical challenge is by challenging the circumstances surrounding your arrest. For instance, the United States constitution protects everyone from unreasonable searches and seizures. As a result, police officers cannot stop your car without a good reason. An example of an acceptable reason for stopping a car would be for a traffic violation.

However, if a court determines that a police officer randomly stopped your vehicle without good cause, then the evidence of your DUI (results of chemical tests, breath tests, field sobriety tests and the officer’s observations) would not be allowed to be used against you. Therefore, the prosecution has no case. Since most DUI charges are triggered by a traffic stop, it is important you get an experienced Fresno DUI attorney who will investigate whether the officer had no good reason to stop your vehicle.

An experienced Fresno DUI attorney can also challenge the procedures used in performing chemical, breath or field sobriety testing. When it comes to such testing, there are numerous rules law enforcement must follow. Falling short of the rules would be deemed unreliable and your chemical, breath or field sobriety tests results would not be allowed to be used against you.

Evidence challenge:

Unlike a technical challenge, an evidence challenge is a direct attack on the evidence the prosecution has against you. An experienced Fresno DUI attorney can go about this in several ways, including but not limited to challenging the officer’s credibility in court, challenging the fact that you were driving, focusing on the fact that you didn’t fail the field sobriety testing, focusing the court’s or jury’s attention to the fact that your failure to perform chemical or field sobriety tests weakens the prosecution’s case. In addition, another strategy would be using expert witnesses to show that most of the breath test results are simply unreliable ways of proving a DUI.

The importance of securing an aggressive, skilled and effective attorney such as Scott Levy cannot be underestimated. As a criminal defense attorney, he strives to achieve favorable outcomes for all of his clients by working hard and giving the client the personal attention he or she deserves. Attorney Scott Levy knows California DUI laws and knows how to defend against these charges by effectively challenging DUI charges on the basis of a lack of probable cause for the traffic stop, lack of Miranda advisement, illegal arrest, improper testing procedures, faulty testing equipment, and other issues including improper police conduct.

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