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Criminal Defense


If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense in the Fresno and Clovis area, you may be feeling as though your life has completely changed and nothing will ever be the same. There is a lot at stake in a criminal charge- you may face prison, fines, restitution, loss of driver’s license and other limitations on freedom depending on the charge. You may also face a criminal record with loss of reputation and barriers to obtaining a job, a loan, or even a license. By retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney in Fresno you will know that help is readily available to you, so you don’t have to suffer through these stressful proceedings all alone. When you work with a top criminal defense attorney, you can rest assured that your case will be tackled with the utmost professionalism and tenacity.

It is vital for those charged with crimes to obtain strong and experienced representation to defend them. Criminal defense involves serious legal work and many lawyers simply are not able to handle the demands that are involved in litigating criminal cases. Attorney Scott Levy devotes his entire practice to Fresno criminal defense. He is fully prepared to guide you through an often misunderstood and intimidating judicial process which can be traumatic to those people with no criminal history or experience with the criminal law or courts.

It is important not only to find someone that is qualified to handle your case, but also someone whose approach you are comfortable with and, just as importantly, someone with whom you can communicate. Your choice of an attorney should be given serious consideration, but the earlier you contact and retain an attorney, the greater protection you receive when it comes to preserving and asserting your rights. Ensuring that you have an experienced and skillful Fresno area lawyer looking out for your best interests every step of the way can be the difference between being charged with a crime and/or being convicted or even going to jail.

Even though you were arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it does not mean you are guilty nor have a criminal conviction. The prosecution will have to prove at trial you were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict you. This is a very high burden to meet. Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Levy examines the evidence surrounding your case, including procedures followed by the law enforcement or investigation, to prevent the prosecution from meeting this burden.

Defenses to criminal offenses can include a lack of criminal intent, justification, lack of actual or constructive possession, false or lack of evidence, mistaken identity, and entrapment. In certain criminal situations, law enforcement officials may have violated certain legal protections each citizen has. Law enforcement officers are required to follow certain procedural rules, and are prohibited from illegally searching and taking evidence from a home, car or person. Additionally, they cannot arrest someone if they do not have probable cause, and must read Miranda Rights once an individual has been arrested. If an officer does not follow this protocol, the charges against you may be reduced or dismissed.

To find out what your legal options are, call Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Levy at (559) 549-5403. During your free consultation, Scott Levy will help you understand the criminal charges against you and the most favorable legal defenses to use. Remember, time is of the essence. Contact the Law Office of Scott Levy today to start exploring your options and building a solid defense for your future.

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